We follow standard norms declared by the tyre manufacturing
 organization during the replacement or warranty claim of tyres.

 Apanam Tyres is Tyre Servicing Company is driven by tyre experts & technologists.A famous tyre shop for all kind of tyres in Mysore. We are providing tyre maintenance / knowledge / tips to the end user & customers to get maximum life from your expensive tyre and save your time and hard earned money over and above make your travel safe & enjoyable. We provide the  services inWe do give pick up & drop of vehicle for maintenance activities like alignment/balancing.
We give assured mileage / life of tyre with agreed terms on maintenance of all Branded tyres

We also sell Bridgestone, J.K., Ceat, MRF and Continental tyres with company warranty.we provides All branded TWO WHEELER tyres with company price .

We Apanam Tyres is tyre  Servicing Company is Driven by tyres Expert And Technologies. we are Providing tyre maintenance and Knowledge tips to the end user and Customer. To get maximum  life from your Expensive tyre and save your time and earned the money over and above make your travel Safe &Enjoyable. we are provide the free door Step Checking of tyre once 2-3 Months Based on your Inspection Schedule. We Give Assured Mileage/life of tyre with agreed terms and maintenance of tyres

Apanam Tyres Shop Available on various type of brnads and Models Of bike tyres . We Sell tyres for cars,two Wheekers and Commercial Vechicles. And We Also Provide Wheel And Tyre Repair Services.

we offer a wide range of bike & car tyres from multiple manufacturers brands like Bridgestone, Jk tyres,MRF, Ceat & Continental.

Wheel Alignment
Road Force Balancing
Wheels Tyres& installation
Tyre Repairing
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Bring your vehicle at short notice to us and we will fix your vehicle as fast as possible. We only perform a repair if it is necessary

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Client Satisfaction is our top most priority. We test everything before returning the vehicle to you. We always try to match and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality.

Premium Quality

We always use the premium quality equipment and machinery to ensure your vehicle retains its value

We’re Tire Experts

We have a qualified team of technician and also have strong expertise in the Tyre Retreading and Tyre Repairs section

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Bike tyres
Car tyres
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Many people confuse the wheel alignment as the alignment of wheels whereas it actually is the alignment of suspension components that then alters the contact patch positioning of the tyres. In simple terms, wheel alignment refers to aligning the wheel angle by tweaking the suspension elements. To align the wheels to have a perfect angle on the ground, certain angles are tweaked via a specialised machine.

Even though the tyres have evolved to some great extent, but they also need care and maintenance like every other part of the vehicle. And by maintenance, I don’t just mean having the right air pressure or replacing them when the wires come off. Tyre maintenance includes wheel alignment and balancing.

Wheel Balancing

We Are provide the Wheel balancing is something which is strictly concerned with the wheel and the tyre correlation. It refers to correcting the imbalance between The weights of the wheel and the tyre. Balancing is always done alongside wheel alignment to keep the weight and alignment coordination in sync.

Maintaining a balanced weight in the wheel/tyre combination is significant for a smooth and stable drive, less tyre wear and eliminating vibrations. Unbalanced tyres increase the risk of wheel and suspension damage massively.

 Hunter Tyre Change 

 Hunter Revolution Tyre Changer is the world’s most advanced tyre changer and it is the highlight of our store in Wilson Garden, Bangalore. We also have a Hunter TCX 57 which complements the Revolution perfectly. The Revolution uses the same fully automatic process for all tire and wheel combinations, saving time on today”s diverse assemblies. The fully automatic process also eliminates the need for a skilled operator and reduces the experience gap of tire-changing teams by turning all technicians into experts.

Benefits of the Revolution™ tire changer include:

  • Fully automatic
  • Operator experience no longer a factor
  • Space saving wheel lift
  • Leverless feature increases operator safety
  • Powered press arms for maximum control
  • “Go” pedal controls progress

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